Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule Jan 27 2012

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Hard to believe it’s January here in Virginia. Temps have been in the 50’s for days and the warm trend will persist well into next week. Last night I don’t think it dropped below the mid-forties. Go get ’em.

I would even be tempted to wet a line in the Shenandoah this weekend. It will not be fast fishing but with this long stretch of warmish weather it’s worth a shot in some of the deep holes with some heavy nymphs. It might be worth dead drifting a woolly bugger, or small Clouser minnow after this rain last night, too.

Albemarle Co.
Moormans River (North Fork) (01/25)
Moormans River (South Fork) (01/25)
Sugar Hollow Reservoir (01/25)
Carroll Co.
Crooked Creek (01/23)
Little Island Creek (01/23)
Chespeake (City of)
Northwest River Park (01/24)
Floyd Co.
Goose Creek (01/26)
Franklin Co.
Pigg River (01/23)
Runnett Bag Creek (01/23)
Giles Co.
Wolf Creek (01/25)
Greene Co.
South River (01/23)
Swift Run (01/23)
Lee Co.
Martins Creek (01/25)
North Fork Powell River (01/25)
Newport News (City of)
Lake Biggins (01/24)
Roanoke Co.
Roanoke River (Salem) (01/25)
Rockingham Co.
Slate Lick Lake (01/25)
Slate Lick Run (01/25)
Dry River (01/26)
Scott Co.
Stock Creek (01/25)
Smyth Co.
Middle Fork Holston River (Upper) (01/26)
Staley Creek (01/26)
Tazewell Co.
Lincolnshire Lake (01/26)
Lake Witten (01/26)
Wythe Co.
Cripple Creek (Ravens) (01/24)

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