Gimme Some Glass – Scott F2 Fly Rod

Scott F2 Fiberglass Fly Rod
Scott F2 Fiberglass Fly Rod

I have not yet cast one of the new Scott F2 fiberglass fly rods ($595) but that should be remedied soon, with a full report. The 703/3 looks like it may be just the ticket for small stream brook trout fishing. A seven footer in 3 weight is just about right for the streams and for my taste.

This would be a completely new thing for me. I’ve never cast a glass rod. I’m also not sure I’m sold on a couple of things. The first is the color. I’m recalling what a time I had this past summer sneaking up on brookies with the extremely low water wearing muted colors and waving a dark olive colored stick around. This thing is at least burnt- if not bright-orange. Just wondering what that’s gonna do to the fish. The second thing is the lack of versatility. Although I’m almost exclusively (no, make that 100% exclusively, come to think of it) throwing dry flies at brookies, this would seem perfect for that but maybe nothing else. From what little I’ve read, flies with a little weight may not be such a great experience with this thing. On the other hand, what the heck would I be doing with a short three weighter if that were my game? So I can probably exclude that as a serious drawback . The third thing, though, is that there are a lot of great carbon fiber or graphite (or whatever label they’re given these days) rods for the same price that might be better all arounders, better in the wind, better for getting a really accurate placement, etc. The Scott G2 may be one, or maybe even a little Scott A3, which I see they make in a 7 foot three weight (and for a little more than half the price of the F2). I have fished with a G2, for just a few hours on the Rapidan River, and I liked it. Another rod I’ve tried and liked even better for brook trout fishing is the Murrays Mountain Trout Rod, a 6’10” 3 weight which is actually made by Scott.

There are a whole lot of great rods in this size.The Sage TXL-F looks like another great seven foot three weight. I absolutely love my Sage FLi five weight, since superseded by the Sage Flight, which I got as a complete kit on closeout, one of the best deals I’ve gotten on a fly rod. Of course, the FLi is almost that same orange color as the Scott F2, maybe a little toned down compared to it, but the fish don’t go running when I’m doing it right.

Yeah, I know there are lots of others I’m leaving out. I still like my LL Bean Streamlight 6’11” 4 weight fly rod, even though it’s only a two piece rod and I sometimes need to hunt a bit for accurate casts with it. For $99, though, pretty nice. My well-informed review of that rod is to follow in the very near future. So now that I’m really off-topic, we’re done here. I will cast an F2 and get back to you…

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