Flyosophy – Ten Things Every Fly Fisherman Should Know

FlyosophyIf it’s about fishing and it’s funny, I’ve probably found it on Moldy Chum. So in that respect today is like almost every other day. That and the weather man telling us that we may get a dusting of snow, or many inches of snow tomorrow. They usually narrow it down right around when it starts, like tomorrow at rush hour. Anyway, Sean “Sean Juan” Murphy (Real name? We can only hope.) has a useful list of ten things we fly fisherman should know. So that you may take things seriously, the Flyosopher’s bona fides:

…I have a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots game, haven’t seen my boss in about seven years, and to top it all off, the incredibly broad-shouldered and jacked Flyosopher walks down the street with the not-so quiet confidence that he could easily kill the average man with his bare hands.

It starts with Know How To Swim. I recommend reading the rest yourself.

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