The Davy Knot


Davy Knot

A new knot for me to try, the Davy knot. The claim is that it is not only very simple and quick to tie but is among the best knots for breaking strength and wastes very little tippet.

We all get habitual about our knots. You learn two or three knots well and those are the ones you use forever. I’ve tried to learn new knots regularly, but usually they are more complicated than the ones I already know (the improved clinch knot, blood knot, nail and needle knots, surgeon’s loop and perfection loop are my go-to knots) and are usually for more specialized situations. But the Davy knot is worth a good look. I’m certainly willing to try it on small dry flies for brook trout. If I get some confidence with it then the next step is to try it on flies for larger fish on which I’m much warier conducting experiments.

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