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Orvis News: Monster Brook Trout, Labrador Canada

Six pound Labrador Brook Trout
Six pound Labrador Brook Trout!

Orvis News has the first part of an article about fly fishing for monster brook trout on Atikonak Lake in Labrador. Writes the author, Erik Rickstad, “[S]ince I hail from the Land of the 10-Inch Trophy Squaretail (aka Vermont) I’m not yet acclimated to the absurdity of the place,” and goes on to describe brook trout that need two hands to hold. Like a normal sized fish, I guess. We’ve covered all that before. I think it was John Gierach who wrote that the objective may not be the size of the fish you catch but the smallest sized fish you’re happy to catch. Certainly true for those of us who love catching brookies.

You cannot call this fish a “brookie,” though. Too cutesy for a brute like that.

Atikonak Lake is right about here:

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Non-Slip Mono Loop Knot

Non-Slip Mono Loop Knot

MidCurrent has a good video of how to tie the non-slip mono loop knot. A little more involved than a simple clinch knot, this is another knot I have not tried. Looks like it would be good for streamers and, as mentioned in the video, nymphs. Lifelike action and strong.

I wonder how this compares to the Duncan loop, the other loop that I am familiar with but rarely use. I am a clinch knot man (improved clinch knot really) and that serves me well for almost everything. But I can’t help thinking I’m missing some fish by not using a knot that can make a fly work with a little more life in some circumstances.

Along with the Davy knot, I now have two new knots to play around with this month.