Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule May 18 2012

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

A fair number of streams were stocked with trout in Virginia this past week. This includes some good ones — the Jackson, Back Creek, Big Stoney Creek, North River, South River, the South Branch of the Potomac, plus everyone’s favorite stream to love and hate at the same time, Passage Creek (just stocked yesterday).



Albemarle Co.
Mint Springs Lake (Upper) (5/17)
Mint Springs Lake (Middle) (05/17)
Amherst Co.
Davis Mill Creek (05/12)
Pedlar River (Upper) (05/12)
Augusta Co.
North River (Upper) (05/15)
South River (Ridgeview Park) (05/16)
Bath Co.
Back Creek (05/15)
Jackson River (Hidden Valley) (05/17)
Bland Co.
Laurel Fork Creek (05/11 Evening)
Buchanan Co.
Dismal River (05/11 Evening)
Carroll Co.
Crooked Creek (05/17)
Little Reed Island Creek (05/17)
Floyd Co.
Little Indian Creek (05/14)
Little River (05/11 Evening)
West Fork little River (05/14)
Giles Co.
Big Stoney Creek (05/16)
Grayson Co.
Elk Creek (05/12)
Fox Creek (05/17)
Hales Lake (05/16)
Helton Lake (05/17)
Middle Fox Creek(05/17)
Henry Co.
Smith River (Dam) (05/14)
Highland Co.
South Branch Potomac River (05/15)
Patrick Co.
Rockcastle Creek (05/15)
Roanoke Co.
Tinker Creek (05/15)
Glade Creek (05/15)
Roanoke River (Salem) (05/16)
Rockingham Co.
Silver Lake (05/14)
South River (Grottoes) (05/16)
Scott Co.
Bark Camp Lake (05/15)
Shenandoah Co.
Passage Creek (05/17)
Washington Co.
Straight Branch (05/14)
Wise Co.
Clear Creek (05/16)
Middle Fork Powell River (05/16)

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