Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule Mar 16 2012

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Virginia, land of the stocked trout! I mean, that’s a long list right there. The North River in multiple places. The South River near Grottoes. The Jackson above Lake Moomaw. I met someone this past week on the Shenandoah River who told me Paddy Run is worth checking out. Not the easiest place to get to, but looks like there could be some brook trout upstream where it ascends up Great North mountain. A whole bunch of places to explore…




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Alleghany Co.
Jerrys Run (03/10)
Amherst Co.
Rocky Row Run (03/13)
Augusta Co.
Braley Pond (03/14)
Hearthstone Lake (03/14)
North River (Gorge) (03/15)
North River (Natural Chimneys) (03/15)
North River (Upper) (03/15)
South River (Ridgeview Park) (3/12)
Bath Co.
Jackson River (Hidden Valley) (03/12)
Back Creek (03/13)
Bland Co.
Lick Creek (03/13)
Botetourt Co.
Middle Creek (03/12)
North Creek (03/12)
Buchanan Co.
Dismal River (3/12)
Carroll Co.
Lovills Creek (03/14)
Stewarts Creek (03/14)
Craig Co.
Barbours Creek (03/12)
Dickenson Co.
Pound River (Flannagan Dam) (03/14)
Russell Fork River (Bartlick) (03/14)
Franklin Co.
Runnett Bag Creek (03/14)
Pigg River (03/14)
Frederick Co.
Clearbrook Lake (03/12)
Hogue Creek (03/12)
Winchester Lake (03/12)
Paddy Run (03/13)
Grayson Co.
Elk Creek (03/13)
Henrico Co.
Dorey Park Lake (03/12)
Henry Co.
Smith River (Dam) (03/13)
Smith River (Lower) (03/13)
Nelson Co.
South Rockfish River (03/15)
Patrick Co.
Ararat River (03/12)
Clarks Creek (03/12)
Dan River (Above Talbott) (03/15)
Round Meadow Creek (03/15)
Richmond (City of)
Shield Lake (03/12)
Rockingham Co.
South River (Grottoes) (03/12)
Silver Lake (03/13)
Shenandoah Co.
Passage Creek (03/14)
Peters Mill Creek (03/14)
Tazewell Co.
Lake Witten (03/12)
Laurel Creek (03/13)
Little Tumbling Creek (03/15)
Washington Co.
Big Brumley Creek (03/15)
Big Tumbling Creek (03/15)
Wythe Co.
Cripple Creek (Ravens) (03/15)
Stoney Creek (03/14)
West Fork Reed Creek (03/14)

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