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Field & Stream Predicts Small Stream Fishing Trend in 2011

Field & Stream

Field & Stream just published an article about fishing trends for 2011. They predict that the rod wars are back, a move away from niche marketing by the tackle manufacturers and a renewed interest in small stream fishing.

We’ve got you covered for that last topic.

I must admit, though, that the thought of small stream fishing becoming more popular is troubling. The last thing I want to see when I head out to remote streams are throngs of people romping around looking for fishy places to prowl. Selfish, I know, but isn’t the escape and solitude a major part of the appeal of small stream fly fishing? The good news is I don’t think this trend will be large enough to actually qualify as a “trend.” Small stream fly fishing still takes a lot of effort and the reward of tiny fish is still lost on most anglers. I’m not sure that is going to ever change.

Building a renewed awareness of small streams, especially from the conservation angle, would be a good thing. Hopefully any trend towards small stream fishing will at least result in a greater awareness and effort to conserve these wild places, if not everyone piling onto every little creek out there.

The article also mentions that Tom Rosenbauer will be releasing a new book on small stream fly fishing in April, 2011. I definitely look forward to that. I am a regular listener of the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast and just got his Orvis Fly Tying Guide for Christmas, both wonderful resources from a guy who knows quite a bit.