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Nymphing and Midging, Must Be Winter Alright

Since my last Copper John should at this very moment be disintegrating into its last tiny bits at the bottom of Big Stoney Creek, I have spent the last couple nights at my tying bench crafting replacements. Midges catch fish, everyone says. And a small Copper John is not only capitalized, apparently, but qualifies in my book as a midge pupa. So here is a shot of it and a few others — PHOTOS ARE COMING, BUT NOT TODAY, SORRY… Very simple things to tie with the right high magnification glasses on my middle aged eyes.

This fly tying thing is a great winter time distraction, I’m finding now in my first full winter of doing it.

UPDATE: The British call midges “buzzers” because of the sound they make as they cruise by one’s head. Global Fly Fisher has a good overview of tying buzzers for stillwater fly fishing.

It’s The Time of Year to Fish Midges

Pink Midges
Midges tied in... pink?

Winter is a great time to fish midge imitations (Chironomidae), those tiny little bugs that I need 3X reading glasses to have a chance of threading onto my leader. Fishing with midges is a current topic on several websites right now.

MidCurrent has a good overview of fly fishing with midges.

Harry Murray has a new podcast about fly fishing with midges.

TroutU has a little guide about fly fishing with midges.

If you are on Facebook, a guy named Greg Faught (search on Facebook to find him) from New Mexico has some great photos of midges he ties, including some funky colors like the pink ones shown here.

Tie one on. Buy some new glasses for 2011. And get out there.