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Fly Anglers Online Article Archive – A Great Resource

I was searching for a way to quickly thin some head cement so I didn’t have to drive to the store (a drive to anywhere from my house is not a short trip), and I stumbled upon Fly Anglers Online. The tying tips articles archive is a fantastic resource. It has tips for nearly everything, from making your own head cement, general proportions for dry fly components, how to store threads and tools — almost anything you can think of and a ton of things you never have.

Anyway, I ended up using some denatured alcohol to thin some lacquer based head cement that’s been here for two years. Hope I didn’t screw anything up but it seems to be working fine.

MidCurrent: Hi-Vis Coachman for Brook Trout

Hi-Vis Coachman
Hi-Vis Coachman. Photo by Tim Bronson at 468photography.com.

Another good attractor pattern for brook trout from Phil Monahan and MidCurrent — the Hi-Vis Coachman. Almost every brookie I catch in small mountain streams is on a Royal Wulff. Sometimes I get crazy and use a Mr. Rapidan or increasingly some bastardized version of an Adams that I tie myself. If it looks buggy and the water is moving, throw something you can see easily because the fish are going to snag it if it’s drifting cleanly and you didn’t spook them.

The Royal Wulff – Fly Fishing’s Designated Hitter

Royal Wulff
Royal Wulff. Looks like an alien, loved by trout everywhere.

I don’t want to say that the Royal Wulff is the only fly you need to catch brook trout on mountain streams in the eastern United States. It’s not. Some say other flies work better in certain situations and on certain streams. There are those who claim terrestrials are the only way in mid-summer. When hatches occur many insist matching the hatch is a must. When waters are raging nymphing could be your best bet. And so on. No doubt these are all valid views at various times.

Read more about the Royal Wulff

Fly Fishing – The View From Harry’s Window – Beatis or Midge

Harry Murray of Murrays Fly Shop has a good tip about winter trout fishing and how to choose a baetis or a midge pattern. For anyone who may not be familiar with Harry and his son Jeff, these guys are extremely knowledgeable about trout and smallmouth bass fishing in particular, and in my experience they are very happy to share what they know with anyone who asks.

Fly Fishing – The View From Harry’s Window – Beatis or Midge.