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Fly Tying – The Adams

Fly Tying the Adams
Fly Tying the Adams on MidCurrent by Tightline Productions

MidCurrent has another good fly tying video, this time for the basic Adams pattern, courtesy of Tightline Productions. The Adams is of course the super popular and versatile pattern for imitating a lot of common mayfly species. It’s very easy to tie, and one of those flies that always seems to end up on everyone’s “if I could only have x number of flies” lists, even though there seem to be a lot of flies on those lists! There are tons of great resources for tying the Adams, such as this one on, a new site to me. YouTube also has a bunch of great videos for tying the Adams. Tons more, too, just search.

I’m especially interested in all this right now because for several days it’s been in the low thirties and very windy around here, and so the fly bench is getting some use!