Famed Presidential Fly Fishing Retreat for Sale

Hoover Fly Fishing
President Hoover on a stream that is way too wide to be Little Hunting Creek.

On this Presidents Day holiday I tripped over this article about Trout Run, a property in the Catoctin Mountains in Maryland that is now for sale, $9 million asking price. This former presidential retreat and highfalutin “rustic hideaway” is very close to Camp David and was actually preferred by a few of our presidents due to its proximity to Little Hunting Creek.

Herbert Hoover, though he is known to have spent more time fishing at his camp on the Rapidan River in what is now Shenandoah National Park, was the first president to spend time here. Following him were Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower (although he reportedly preferred watercolor painting there more than fishing). Hoover, though, was the only real presidential fly fisherman to have visited:

He reported — “with a slight egotism!” — that only he, Teddy Roosevelt and Grover Cleveland “had been lifelong fly-fishermen before they went to the White House.”

I literally stumbled onto Trout Run last year on one of my Catoctin National Park area fishing explorations. I inadvertently followed Little Hunting Creek upstream until I was on the Trout Run property line, complete with a chain across the stream and a sign warning against further intrusion. I can tell you that even though I caught nothing there that day it’s a beautiful place. Is it worth the price? I have no idea, and fortunately that’s not relevant for a man of my means. But you — you may be more interested. Click on the first link above for more info…

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