Coming Soon – Lots of Fishy Stuff

Perch Waiting Around
What are you all looking at?

Yes, things have slowed way down here at the Brook Trout Fishing Guide, the only website that purports to promote fly fishing for brook trout above all else that is interesting, wholesome and good. Is that really true? Quite possibly, no. Nevertheless, the lord of this website, yours truly, has been slammed with a lot of work that pays the bills as well as a lot of work that does not. The latter would include shoveling wet snow literally for days last week, keeping the house warm by keeping the generator running after we lost power, and generally just trying to pull out of the funk that is the dead of a cold, gray winter. But this will all soon change.

In the pipe are some new reviews, including a couple fly rods, a fishing pack/vest and some new hippers I just received. I’m also going to cover where to go, what to wear and how to fool those little fish in our little backwoods streams. And fly tying. I’ve got fur, feathers and dubbing coming out the wazoo now, and have made some of it into mostly bad looking flies, but some not too bad at all. And I need to give you beautiful photos. Lots of ’em.

So bear with me as I retool for the coming season. I see the groundhog did not see his shadow today, so winter should hopefully be dying a quick death around here, the waters warming up and the crocus and daffodils getting ready to sprout. Can’t wait.

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