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Going for Brookies, Why Go Through the Trouble?

Brook Trout Closeup
Brook Trout, Secret Spot in the Poconos, Pennsylvania

Where I live, I can leave the house and be fly fishing for brook trout in as little as two hours. For me, this takes some planning. Sometimes I get the pack loaded and the gear sorted the night before, but even when I think everything is ready I’m still running around grabbing this and that when I should be leaving. As I am not one to plan anything unless forced to, it’s amazing that I ever get out there. It goes against my natural tendency to wing it. For brook trout fishing, though, I do it.

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Fly Fishing – The View From Harry’s Window – Beatis or Midge

Harry Murray of Murrays Fly Shop has a good tip about winter trout fishing and how to choose a baetis or a midge pattern. For anyone who may not be familiar with Harry and his son Jeff, these guys are extremely knowledgeable about trout and smallmouth bass fishing in particular, and in my experience they are very happy to share what they know with anyone who asks.

Fly Fishing – The View From Harry’s Window – Beatis or Midge.