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Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule Oct 28 2011

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

The latest Virginia trout stocking info from the past week…

Augusta Co.
Braley Pond (10/25)
Bath Co.
Cowpasture River (10/21 after 4 pm)
Bedford Co.
Liberty Lake (10/25)
Carroll Co.
Little Reed Island Creek (10/26)
Frederick Co.
Clearbrook Lake (10/27)
Wilkins Lake (10/27)
Shenandoah Co.
Stony Creek (10/26)
Smyth Co.
Middle Fork Holston River (Marion) (10/27)
Middle Fork Holston River (Chilhowie) (10/27)
Staley Creek (10/27)
Tazewell Co.
Lake Witten (10/25)
Washington Co.
Beartree Lake (10/22)
Big Tumbling Creek (10/25)

Patagonia: Have a Snack, Save a Species

Salmon Fishing

Patagonia is getting into the salmon jerky business. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s owner and founder, explains:

“The Patagonia Provisions Salmon Project is our effort to change the fishing industry, the same way we’ve changed how we make our clothes. Our goal is to create a new model that demonstrates how selectively harvesting salmon is not only possible, but good business, and can help protect the future of wild salmon.”

I admire Chouinard’s approach to business. He has certainly changed the way many companies manufacture their products. Organic cotton, recycled fleece, his 1% for the Planet initiative and many other efforts are all business innovations. Let’s hope people get the message about salmon before it’s too late.


Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule Oct 21 2011

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Virginia topped off some more trout streams this week, yet again. The Hughes and the Rose rivers in Madison County, most notably for those of us in the northern parts of The Commonwealth.




Albemarle Co.
Sugar Hollow Reservoir (10/19)
Allehany Co.
Clifton Forge Reservoir (10/19)
Appomattox Co.
Holliday Creek (DELAYED HARVEST) (10/20)
Augusta Co.
Lower Sherando Lake (10/18)
Elkhorn Lake (10/20)
Botetourt Co.
Jennings Creek (10/19)
Dickenson Co.
Pound River (Flannagan Dam) (10/20)
Russell Fork River (Bartlick) (10/20)
Floyd Co.
Little River (10/18)
Grayson Co.
Hales Lake (10/15)
Madison Co.
Hughes River (10/17)
Rose River (10/17)
Roanoke Co.
Tinker Creek (10/17)
Glade Creek (10/18)
Wise Co.
Pound River/N. Fk. Pound River (Delayed Harvest) (10/17)
S. Fk. Powell River (10/17)
Wythe Co.
Rural Retreat Lake Pond (10/19)

Maryland Trout Stocking Schedule Oct 21 2011

Whoah yeah. More and more trout stocked in Maryland the past few days… Beaver Creek. The Gunpowder.

Go get ’em.


County Location Date Map
Washington Beaver Creek Oct 20 GO >
Carroll Morgan Run, Catch and Return Section (Artificials Only) Oct 20 GO >
Baltimore Stansbury Oct 20 GO >
Montgomery Great Seneca Creek Oct 20 GO >
Prince George’s Allens Pond Oct 20 GO >
Prince George’s Greenbelt Lake Oct 20 GO >
Prince George’s Lake Artemesia Oct 20 GO >
Prince George’s Melwood Pond Oct 20 GO >
Calvert Hutchins Pond Oct 19 GO >
Charles Hughesville Pond Oct 19 GO >
Charles Myrtle Grove Pond Oct 19 GO >
Charles Wheatley Lake Oct 19 GO >
Washington Antietam Creek Oct 18 GO >
Frederick Rainbow Lake Oct 18 GO >
Baltimore Gunpowder Falls Upper Put & Take Section Oct 18 GO >
Harford Deer Creek Oct 18 GO >
Cecil Big Elk Creek Oct 18 GO >
Cecil Howards Pond Oct 18 GO >
Cecil Rising Sun Pond (Under 16, 65 or older or Blind)> Oct 18 GO >
Caroline Tuckahoe Creek Oct 18 GO >

Shenandoah National Park Water Issues

Here is an interesting article about the concern over groundwater in Rappahannock county, Virginia and in nearby Shenandoah National Park. Note that the link is through the Piedmont Environmental Council website and unfortunately links to the Rappahannock News’ electronic news edition, which is not the nicest way to read and link to things.

Anyway… the gist here is that springs and groundwater are not being replenished like they used to be. “What have been historically reliable spring flows are disappearing, droughts are becoming a regular phenomenon with increased temperatures,” according to the draft report presented to the county’s Board of Supervisors.

It gets worse for us fans of brook trout fishing. The article states that according to Shenandoah National Park personnel, “numerous springs are experiencing greatly reduced flow and that some have dried up entirely.” I noticed this two months ago when I fished the North Fork of the Thornton River from the bottom up into the park. It looked like this:

North Fork Thornton River - Summer
North Fork Thornton River, summer 2011.

Not what I was expecting. And this past summer was not as bad as some recent summers. This is not a good thing at all but may be something we are going to have to get used to.

Maryland Trout Stocking Schedule Oct 12 2011

And hey… since I’ve been asleep at the wheel since early last week, Maryland has also stocked some more trout, including steams and the lake in and around Cunningham Falls State Park. I love fishing that area. Big Hunting Creek should be fishing well with this cooler weather now, too. You can head to Thurmont, Maryland and hit half a dozen creeks, streams and a lake all within a fifteen minute drive. Good brook trout fishing in that part of Maryland, too.


County Location Date Map
Garrett Casselman River, Delayed Harvest Section Oct 12 GO >
Garrett Youghioheny River, Delayed Harvest Section Oct 12 GO >
Allegany Evitts Creek Oct 12 GO >
Allegany Town Creek Delayed Harvest Section Oct 12 GO >
Allegany Wills Creek Oct 12 GO >
Frederick Carroll Creek (Youth and Blind Only) Oct 12 GO >
Frederick Cunningham Falls Lake Oct 12 GO >
Frederick Friends Creek Oct 12 GO >
Frederick Owens Creek Oct 12 GO >


Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule Oct 14 2011

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Whoops… too busy last Friday to post this. The trout stocking in Virginia is in full swing.

Nice tip from Murray’s Fly Shop in Edinburg Virginia regarding Passage Creek, and newly stocked fish tactics in general — “Bring along a few streamers like a Pearl Marauder or Olive Strymph, these guys need to swim around in the wild a few more days before they figure out mayflies and caddis are good to eat.” A friend of mine also has a dirty trick to fool newly stocked trout. He ties up a “fly” that resembles one of the food pellets they’ve been raised on. All’s fair in love and…

Albemarle Co.
Mint Springs Lake (Middle) (10/08)
Mint Springs Lake (Upper) (10/08)
Amherst Co.
Pedlar River (Lower) (10/13)
Bath Co.
Bullpasture River (10/14)
Bland Co.
Wolf Creek (10/14)
Fauquier Co.
Thompson WMA Pond (10/12)
Grayson Co.
Elk Creek (10/12)
Highland Co.
Bullpasture River (10/14)
Lee Co.
Martins Creek (10/12)
North Fork Powell River (10/12)
Patrick Co.
Dan River (Below Powerhouse) (10/11)
Roanoke Co.
Roanoke River (City) (10/11)
Roanoke River (Green Hill Park) (Delayed Harvest) (10/13)
Roanoke River (Salem) (Delayed Harvest) (10/12)
Shenandoah Co.
Passage Creek (10/13)
Smyth Co.
South Fork Holston River (Lower) (10/08)
Warren Co.
Passage Creek (Delayed Harvest) (10/13)
Washington Co.
Tennessee Laurel (10/14)
Whitetop Laurel (Upper) (10/14)
Whitetop Laurel (Lower) (10/14)