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Bloodknot Magazine Interview with April Vokey

I’ve seen this on three blogs already this morning so it must be worth re-posting here. Bloodknot magazine has an interview with April Vokey, steelhead fisher-woman extraordinaire (steelhead have to be the anti-small stream brook trout).

I’m not sure what to think of this interview. I think it’s time to give the whole “you’re sexy and what about that?” thing a rest. This woman catches a lot of huge fish and makes a living doing this. Obviously she is credible and accomplished. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Flyfishmagazine: Catch and Release and Homeland Security

From seven U.S. senators including Senator Orrin Hatch (R – Utah), in a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano questioning how the department handles illegals who commit crimes:

Catch and release is good for world class trout fisheries like the Provo River, but using this philosophy to stop deporting drug offenders, spouse abusers and sexual deviants and putting these illegal aliens back on our streets and in our neighborhoods is simply inexcusable.”

It’s not often you see trout fishing used as an analogy… for anything. I wonder what the sexually deviant intersex smallmouth bass will say about this.

Flyfishmagazine: Catch and Release.

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout

It is time to bring a new fly fishing blog into the world. The Brook Trout Fishing Guide. Right here. Right now. I will bring you all I can dredge up about finding and catching brook trout, all I can add from my own encounters with these widely scattered fish and all I can discover about how to protect the rapidly declining habitat that supports them. I’ll go far and wide searching them out on the eastern coasts of the United States and Canada, a region where they are native, to the Midwest and the western U.S. in order to sneak up, cast a dry fly (ideally) and fool them into taking it. In the process, you will see much of what I see, learn what I learn, the good and the bad, the fun and the futility, and sometimes the ridiculousness of it all.

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