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Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule May 25 2012

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Virginia trout stocking info for the past week is below my minor rant here…

Gotta say that I really appreciate what the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries does. We have a lot of great fishing opportunities in this state, many in remote areas and most maintained in a very natural, often primitive condition, which makes a great fishing experience in my opinion. However, their counterparts at the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation could take some tips from the VDGIF.  I experienced the downside of their efforts to “upgrade” certain places last night, namely the pond at Sky Meadows State Park in Paris.

I arrived at the site about an hour and a half before sunset and noticed the improvements such as monofilament disposal tubes, nice benches and signage. I got to the parking area and saw one of the upgrades that was a surprise — a new $3 parking fee ($4 on weekends). I’m not opposed to paying for the privilege of fishing and I support fishing efforts in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and other states by paying for annual licenses, access fees, buying tackle locally, etc. I paid the new parking fee and got to fishing, casting a blue size six Shenandoah popper on my five weight. Got two small largemouths and one bluegill in the wind and light rain, not nearly what I was hoping for but a good time nonetheless. The final park “upgrade “I experienced was the park police in their brand new pickup truck pulling into the driveway and barking on the bullhorn, “THE PARK IS NOW CLOSED.” It closes at dusk and since it was exactly sunset I guess they were technically correct. I spent many great evenings there in the past, but not sure I’ll be going back there very often now. A bummer since it’s a nice spot, but I don’t need a chaperone barking on a bullhorn at the end of a peaceful evening of fishing, and paying $3 to fish for an hour and a half just isn’t worth it.

Anyway, here are the stocked trout streams this week:

Amherst Co.
Pedlar River (Lower) (05/21)
Augusta Co.
Braley Pond (05/22)
Elkhorn Lake (05/24)
Hearthstone Lake (05/22)
Bath Co.
Jackson River (Rte.623) (05/24)
Botetourt Co.
Jennings Creek (05/22)
Craig Co.
Potts Creek (05/24)
Floyd Co.
Burkes Fork (05/24)
Giles Co.
Wolf Creek (5/18 Evening)
Grayson Co.
Big Wilson Creek (05/23)
Madison Co.
Hughes River (05/24)
Robinson River (05/22)
Rose River (05/24)
Page Co.
Hawksbill Creek (05/23)
Roanoke Co.
Roanoke River (City) (05/23)
Smyth Co.
South Fork Holston River (Lower) (05/19)
South Fork Holston River (Buller Dam) (05/23)
Tazewell Co.
Lincolnshire Lake (05/22)
Little Tumbling Creek (05/24)
Washington Co.
Big Tumbling Creek (05/24)
Whitetop (Upper) (05/22)
Whitetop (Lower) (05/22)
Wythe Co.
Rural Retreat Lake Pond (05/18 Evening)
Cripple Creek (Ravens) (05/23)


West Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule May 25 2012

West Virginia

Compared to Maryland, West Virginia has done a good bit of trout stocking this past week…




May 24, 2012

  • Back Fork of Elk River
  • Clear Fork of Guyandotte River
  • Desert Fork
  • East Fork Greenbrier River
  • Glade Creek of New River
  • Little River East Fork Greenbrier River
  • Little River West Fork Greenbrier River
  • Lost River
  • Marsh Fork
  • New Creek
  • North Fork of Patterson Creek
  • Pinnacle Creek (lower section)
  • Right Fork of Middle Fork River
  • Shavers Fork (upper section)
  • Sugar Creek
  • Trout Run
  • Waites Run
  • West Fork Greenbrier River

May 23, 2012

  • Big Clear Creek
  • Brandywine Lake
  • Brushy Fork Lake
  • Bullskin Run
  • Cranberry River
  • Dry Fork (Randolph, Tucker)
  • Evitts Run
  • Gandy Creek
  • Laurel Fork (Randolph)
  • Middle Creek
  • Middle Fork River
  • Mill Creek of Opequon Creek
  • North Fork of South Branch
  • Paint Creek
  • Pond Fork
  • South Branch (Smoke Hole)
  • South Fork of Cranberry River

May 22, 2012

  • Boley Lake
  • Buffalo Creek (Brooke)
  • Cacapon Park Lake
  • Castleman Run Lake
  • Dillons Run
  • Edwards Run
  • Fort Ashby Reservoir
  • Glade Creek of Mann
  • Glady Fork
  • Kimsey Run Lake
  • Middle Wheeling Lake
  • North River
  • Opequon Creek
  • R.D. Bailey Tailwaters
  • Rocky Marsh Run
  • Shavers Fork (Bemis)
  • Shavers Fork (lower section)
  • South Branch (Franklin)
  • Spruce Knob Lake
  • Teter Creek Lake
  • Tygart Headwaters
  • Williams River

May 21, 2012

  • Anthony Creek
  • Big Sandy Creek
  • Buckhannon River
  • Burnsville Tailwaters
  • Coopers Rock Lake
  • Knapps Creek
  • Left Fork of Right Fork of Buckhannon River
  • North Fork of Cherry
  • South Fork of Cherry
  • Stonewall Jackson Tailwaters
  • Summit Lake
  • Sutton Tailwaters
  • Watoga Lake

May 18, 2012

  • Buffalo Fork Lake
  • Clear Fork of Tug
  • Cranberry River (C&R)
  • Cranberry River (Children & Class Q) Woodbine section
  • Dry Fork (Randolph, Tucker)
  • Glady Fork
  • Indian Creek
  • Kings Creek
  • Left Fork of Buckhannon River (rail stocking)
  • Rich Creek (Monroe)
  • Seneca Lake
  • Shavers Fork (Bemis)
  • Shavers Fork (lower section)
  • Shavers Fork (upper section)
  • South Branch (Smoke Hole)
  • Summit Lake
  • Tomlinson Run
  • Tygart Tailwaters
  • Watoga Lake

May 17, 2012

  • Big Clear Creek
  • Brandywine Lake
  • Brushy Fork Lake
  • Buckhannon River (rail stocking)
  • Buffalo Creek (Brooke)
  • Castleman Run Lake
  • Hills Creek
  • Kimsey Run Lake
  • Little Clear Creek
  • Little Kanawha Headwaters
  • Lost River
  • Lower Cove Run
  • Middle Wheeling Lake
  • North Fork of South Branch
  • North River
  • Potts Creek
  • Right Fork of Little Kanawha Headwaters
  • South Fork of Potts Creek
  • Teter Creek Lake
  • Trout Run
  • Waites Run

Maryland Trout Stocking Schedule May 25 2012

Small number of trout streams stocked in Maryland this past week…




County Location Date Map
Garrett Youghiogheny River – Oakland (960 BN) May 23 GO >
Washington Licking Creek (200 RB/GN) May 22 GO >
Garrett Savage River Reservoir (960 RB/GN) May 22 GO >
Allegany Wills Creek (1445 RB/GN) May 22 GO >
Allegany Evitts Creek (1445 RB/GN) May 22 GO >
Allegany Fifteen Mile Creek (1095 BN) May 21 GO >