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Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule Mar 9 2012

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

And the land that we love — Virginia has stocked a boatload of trout streams this past week, like everywhere you ever wanted to go!




Amherst Co.
Piney River (South Fork & Proper) (03/06)
Augusta Co.
Falls Hollow (03/03)
Upper Sherando Lake (03/08)
Lower Sherando Lake (03/08)
Bath Co.
Jackson River (Rt. 623) (03/06)
Douthat Lake and Wilson Creek (03/07)
Bedford Co.
Liberty Lake (03/08)
Bland Co.
Laurel Fork Creek (03/06)
Wolf Creek (03/06)
Botetourt Co.
Roaring Run (03/05)
Jennings Creek (03/06)
McFalls Creek (03/06)
Carroll Co.
Crooked Creek (03/07)
Little Reed Island Creek (03/07)
Chesapeake (City of)
Northwest River Park (03/06)
Fauquier Co.
Thompson WMA Pond (03/03)
Giles Co.
Big Stoney Creek (03/06)
Dismal Creek (03/06)
Grayson Co.
Big Wilson Creek (03/08)
Greene Co.
South River (03/07)
Swift Run (03/07)
Lee Co.
Martins Creek (03/07)
North Fork Powell River (03/07)
Madison Co.
Hughes River (03/08)
Rose River (03/08)
Nelson Co.
Tye River (03/05)
Newport News (City of)
Lake Biggins (03/06)
Page Co.
Hawksbill Creek (03/07)
Patrick Co.
Dan River (Below Powerhouse) (03/05)
Rockcastle Creek (03/08)
Roanoke Co.
Roanoke River (City) (03/07)
Roanoke River (Salem) (03/07)
Rockingham Co.
Briery Branch Lake (03/07)
Hone Quarry Lake (03/07)
Hone Quarry Run (03/07)
Shenandoah Co.
Mill Creek (03/06)
Stony Creek (03/06)
Smyth Co.
South Fork Holston River (Lower) (03/03)
South Fork Holston River (Buller Dam) (03/07)
Comers Creek (03/07)
Cressy Creek (03/07)
Dickey Creek (03/07)
Hurricane Creek (03/07)
Wise Co.
South Fork Powell River (03/07)
Wythe Co.
Rural Retreat Lake Pond (03/03)
Cripple Creek (Ravens) (03/07)
Guillion Fork Ponds (03/08)

Maryland Trout Stocking Schedule Mar 9 2012

The latest trout streams stocked in Maryland this past week. “I hope you’re seeing this Vince!” I really hope so, too.




County Location Date Map
Calvert Hutchins Pond (125 RB/GN) Mar 6 GO >
Charles Hughesville Pond (100 RB/GN) Mar 6 GO >
Charles Myrtle Grove Pond (250 RB/GN)
“I hope you’re seeing this Vince!”
Mar 6 GO >
Charles Wheatley Pond (160 RB/GN) Mar 6 GO >
Prince Georges Allens Pond (175 RB/GN) Mar 6 GO >
Prince Georges Melwood Pond (125 RB/GN) Mar 6 GO >
Allegany Town Creek Delayed Harvest Area- (1500 RB/GN) Mar 6 GO >
Garrett North Branch Potomac River at Barnum – (997 RB/GN) Mar 1 GO >
Garrett North Branch Potomac River, Westernport – (960 RB/GN) Mar 1 GO >
Cecil Howard’s Pond – (300 RB/GN) Mar 1 GO >
Cecil Rising Sun Pond (<16, >65 & Blind) – (300 RB/GN) Mar 1 GO >
Baltimore Stansbury Park Pond – (725 RB/GN) Feb 29 GO >
Howard Centennial Lake – (725 RB/GN) Feb 29 GO >
Howard Little Patuxent River (2 Fish/day) – (1200 RB/GN) Feb 29 GO >
Caroline Tuckahoe Creek – (350 RB/GN) Feb 29 GO >

West Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule Mar 9 2012

West Virginia

Here are the trout streams that were stocked in West Virginia this past week… Gotta get to the North Branch of the South Fork of the Potomac. They stock it frequently.



March 8, 2012

  • Berwind Lake
  • Burnsville Tailwaters
  • Cranberry River
  • Dry Fork (McDowell)
  • Dry Fork (Randolph, Tucker)
  • Glady Fork
  • James P. Bailey Lake
  • Larenim Park Lake
  • Seneca Lake
  • Shavers Fork (Bemis section)
  • Shavers Fork (lower section)
  • Shavers Fork (upper section)
  • South Branch (Franklin)
  • South Mill Creek Lake
  • Stonewall Jackson Tailwaters
  • Summit Lake
  • Sutton Tailwaters
  • Watoga Lake

March 7, 2012

  • Big Clear Creek
  • Cacapon Park Lake
  • Conaway Run Lake
  • Coonskin Park Lake (Children & Class Q)
  • East Fork Greenbrier River
  • Elk River
  • Horseshoe Run
  • Kanawha State Forest Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Kimsey Run Lake
  • Little Clear Creek
  • Little River East Fork Greenbrier River
  • Little River West Fork Greenbrier River
  • Logan County Airport Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Meadow Creek of New River
  • Miller Fork Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Milligan Creek
  • Opequon Creek
  • Red Creek
  • Rocky Marsh Run
  • South Branch (Smoke Hole)
  • Spruce Knob Lake
  • Thomas Park Lake
  • Tilhance Creek
  • Tygart Headwaters
  • Underwood Lake (Children & Class Q)
  • West Fork Greenbrier River

March 6, 2012

  • Anthony Creek
  • Barboursville Lake
  • Bullskin Run
  • Dog Run Lake
  • Evitts Run
  • French Creek Pond
  • Horse Creek Lake
  • Knapps Creek
  • Laurel Fork of Holly River
  • Left Fork of Holly River
  • Middle Creek
  • Mill Creek of Opequon Creek
  • New Creek
  • North Fork of Lunice
  • North Fork of Patterson Creek
  • North Fork of South Branch
  • Ridenour Lake
  • Rockhouse Lake
  • Spruce Laurel Fork
  • Tuscarora Creek
  • Tygart Tailwaters

March 5, 2012

  • Bear Rocks Lake
  • Blackwater River (not stocked in Canaan Valley State Park due to construction)
  • Lost River
  • North River
  • Rollins Lake
  • Trout Run
  • Waites Run
  • Wheeling Creek
  • Wood Pond (Children & Class Q)

March 2, 2012

  • Clover Run
  • Newburg Lake
  • Paw Paw Creek
  • Whiteday Creek


Early Springtime and Earlier Fishing This Year

I’m filing this under Fishing Reports. This is not a fishing report per se, but it’s relevant…

Due to a winter that never really arrived, the Mid Atlantic states are experiencing an early spring. Everything has been happening sooner this year. In my yard, the crocuses started blooming over two weeks ago and they’re fading now. That is at least two weeks early. Daffodils are flowering all over, again, two weeks earlier than usual. Following these botanical cues are the bugs, the hatches, and of course the fish. Fishing season is coming sooner this year for sure.

Reports are confirming all of this. Douglas Dear from Rose River Farm in Syria Virginia reported this past week that Quill Gordons have started hatching — two weeks early. Murray’s Fly Shop reported Quill Gordons coming off the water yesterday afternoon in Shenandoah National Park as well. Bryan Kelly at Kelly’s White Fly Shop in Shepherdstown, West Virginia sent an email yesterday about smallmouth bass fishing around Harper’s Ferry on the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers: “We are starting to guide this month. The fish are moving out of their winter patterns towards pre-spawn behavior.  Spawn will be early, and summer patterns will be early… You need to be early…” If this pre-spawn behavior is starting now, that’s closer to three weeks earlier than last year in my neck of the woods along the main stem of the Shenandoah. Incidentally, he goes on to mention that the cicadas will be emerging along the northern section of the Blue Ridge this year, so tie up some big cicada patterns.

So this could be shaping up as a phenomenal early season for us. Hopefully it’s not going to mean that the hot, low clear water conditions come early and stay longer, too. Perhaps we’ll see a nice stretch of cool rains in mid to late spring to break us out of this warm dry pattern we’ve gone through this winter.