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Two New Streams Added to Virginia’s Catchable Trout Stocking Program

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has added two new streams to its trout stocking program, the South Fork of the Powell River near Big Stone Gap, VA and the Middle Fork of the Holston River in Chilhowie, VA.

“A 2.3 mile section of the South Fork Powell River in the Town of Big Stone Gap and a 0.75 mile section of the Middle Fork Holston River in Chilhowie have been added to this very popular program. Included in the program are those waters that are posted as “Stocked Trout Waters” and are stocked with catchable-sized trout from October through May each year. Designated stocked trout waters are listed by the Director of the Department in the annual Trout Stocking Plan published in the “2011 Freshwater Fishing in Virginia” regulations pamphlet on pages 20 – 21.

This modification to the trout stocking plan will be effective with the formal posting of regulations on the new streams. “We are very excited about this great opportunity for anglers in Wise and Smyth Counties,” stated Bill Kittrell, Regional Aquatic Manager in the Department’s Marion Regional Office. “It has taken a considerable amount of work on the part of both the Town officials as well as Department staff to bring this about,” Kittrell explained. Officials from both the Town of Big Stone Gap and the Town of Chilhowie have presented the Department with formal resolutions supporting the concept. “In both cases, the Towns own large tracts of land adjacent to the streams, and access for the public is excellent,” Kittrell continued. These waters will only be considered designated stocked trout waters from October 1 through June 15, and a trout license will be required to fish in addition to the regular fishing license. A trout license is not required from June 16 through September 30. Trout angling hours on designated stocked trout waters are from 5:00 a.m. until one hour after sunset.”

Maryland Trout Stocking Schedule May 13 2011

NEW — In our quest for total world domination, the Brook Trout Fishing Guide is now posting Maryland’s trout stocking information each week. In addition to Virginia’s trout stocking info, this brings the total number of states we cover to… two. At this rate, we will cover every state that stocks fish (including Hawaii even though only on Kauai can you find trout) and become your one-stop resource for stocker fishing in about twenty five years. Thanks for being, uh, VERY patient.


Garrett Savage River May 12 GO >
Garrett Bear Creek May 12 GO >
Washington Antietam Creek – Bonus Stocking May 12 GO >
Frederick Friends Creek May 12 GO >
Frederick Owens Creek May 12 GO >
Washington Antietam Creek May 11 GO >
Garrett North Branch Potomac River, Delayed Harvest Section May 11 GO >
Washington Sidling Hill Creek May 11 GO >
Frederick Fishing Creek May 11 GO >
Frederick Friends Creek May 11 GO >
Frederick Owens Creek May 11 GO >
Allegany Evitts Creek May 10 GO >
Allegany Jennings Run May 10 GO >
Frederick Middle Creek – Bonus Stocking May 10 GO >
Baltimore Gunpowder Falls Upper Section May 10 GO >
Baltimore Little Falls May 10 GO >
Garrett North Branch Potomac River at Barnum May 9 GO >
Garrett North Branch Potomac River at Westernport May 9 GO >


Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule May 13 2011

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

A slightly smaller list of rivers stocked this past week in Virginia.

I often drive past Happy Creek in Front Royal on my way to fish in Shenandoah National Park. Right in the middle of town, looks like it would be a great place to take a kid fishing. I would guess this is most definitely put-and-take, and take all. Let’s see, it was stocked on May 10… might be too late.


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Albemarle Co.
Moormans River (North Fork) (05/10)
Sugar Hollow Reservoir (05/10)
Alleghany Co.
Clifton Forge Reservoir (05/11)
Pounding Mill Creek (05/11)
Augusta Co.
Back Creek (05/12)
Hearthstone Lake (05/11)
Lower Sherando Lake (05/12)
Bland Co.
Laurel Fork Creek (05/07)
Lick Creek (05/10)
Bedford Co.
Liberty Lake (05/12)
Botetourt Co.
Jennings Creek (05/11)
Dickenson Co.
Cranesnest River (05/11)
Russell Fork River (Bartlick) (05/11)
Russell Fork River (Haysi) (05/11)
Pound River (Flannagan Dam) (05/06 after 4 p.m.)
Floyd Co.
Goose Creek (05/09)
Frederick Co.
Paddy Run (05/09)
Grayson Co.
Big Wilson Creek (05/06 after 4 p.m.)
Hales Lake (05/10)
Highland Co.
Bullpasture River (05/07)
Lee Co.
Martins Creek (05/10)
North Fork Powell River (05/10)
Madison Co.
Hughes River (05/11)
Rose River (05/11)
Montgomery Co.
Pandapas Pond (05/07)
Craig Creek (05/10)
Page Co.
Cub Run (05/09)
Rockbridge Co.
Irish Creek (05/09)
South River (05/12)
Rockingham Co.
Silver Lake (05/10)
Slate Lick Lake (05/10)
Slate Lick Run (05/10)
Scott Co.
Stock Creek (05/10)
Smyth Co.
South Fork Holston River (Buller Dam) (05/12)
Tazewell Co.
Lake Witten (05/07)
Little Tumbling Creek (05/09)
Warren Co.
Happy Creek (05/10)
Washington Co.
Big Tumbling Creek (05/09)
Wythe Co.
Cripple Creek (Ravens) (05/09)
Cripple Creek (Rt. 94) (05/12)