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Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule May 6 2011

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

The latest trout stocking info for this past week in Virginia.

The North River, the Stony Creeks, South River, South Branch of the Potomac, and the Holston — a lot of the classic Virginia trout streams were just stocked, and in many cases, multiple times in the past few weeks. Should be good fishing for a couple more months at least…


Amherst Co.
Pedlar River (Lower) (05/02)
Pedlar River (Upper) (05/03)
Augusta Co.
Braley Pond (05/05)
Hearthstone Lake (05/05)
North River (Gorge) (05/02)
North River (Natural Chimneys) (05/02)
Bath Co.
Bullpasture River (05/06)
Pads Creek (05/02)
Bland Co.
Wolf Creek (05/05)
Botetourt Co.
Middle Creek (05/02)
North Creek (05/02)
Roaring Run (05/03)
Floyd Co.
Burkes Fork (05/02)
Laurel Fork (05/05)
Little Indian Creek (05/05)
Frederick Co.
Clearbrook Lake (05/03)
Hogue Creek (05/03)
Winchester Lake (05/03)
Grayson Co.
Elk Creek (05/04)
Fox Creek (05/04)
Helton Creek (05/04)
Middle Fox Creek (05/04)
Greene Co.
South River (05/04)
Swift Run (05/04)
Henry Co.
Smith River (Dam) (05/03)
Highland Co.
Bullpasture River (05/06)
South Branch Potomac River (05/03)
Montgomery Co.
Toms Creek (05/04)
Rockingham Co.
Dry River (05/03)
North Fork Shenandoah River (05/04)
Scott Co.
Big Stony Creek (05/03)
Little Stony Creek (05/03)
Straight Fork (Lower) (05/03)
Shenandoah Co.
Mill Creek (05/05)
Stony Creek (05/05)
Tomahawk Pond (05/04)
Smyth Co.
Middle Fork Holston River (Upper) (05/05)
South Fork Holston River (Lower) (04/29) (LATE)
Staunton (City of)
Lake Tams (05/06) Closed until after the Kid’s Day event on Saturday, May 7.
Wythe Co.
Rural Retreat Lake Pond (04/30)