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Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule April 16 2011

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

A little late this week but I’ve been busy catching brook trout, and catching more brook trout. And you should be, too. But if you can’t, go catch some shad. And if you can’t do that (we’ve had four inches of rain out here today and the Potomac is likely going to be flooded for the next couple days), well, here ya go…


Amherst Co.
Little Irish Creek (04/15)
Pedlar River (Lower) (04/15)
Piney River (South Fork & Proper) (04/11)
Augusta Co.
Braley Pond (04/08 after 4 pm)
Lower Sherando Lake (04/13)
North River (Upper) (04/13)
South River (Ridgeview Park) (04/12)
Bath Co.
Bullpasture River (04/14)
Jackson River (Hidden Valley) (04/11)
Bedford Co.
Liberty Lake (04/15)
Bland Co.
Lick Creek (04/13)
Botetourt Co.
Roaring Run (04/12)
Carroll Co.
Lovills Creek (04/11)
Stewarts Creek (04/11)
Craig Co.
Potts Creek (04/13)
Dickenson Co.
Pound River (Flannagan Dam) (04/13)
Russell Fork River (Bartlick) (04/13)
Russell Fork River (Haysi) (04/13)
Fauquier Co.
Thompson WMA Pond (04/14)
Fanklin Co.
Pigg River (04/13)
Runnett Bag Creek (04/13)
Frederick Co.
Clearbrook Lake (04/11)
Hogue Creek (04/11)
Winchester Lake (04/11)
Giles Co.
Dismal Creek (04/14)
Grayson Co.
Fox Creek (04/14)
Hales Lake (04/09)
Helton Creek (04/14)
Middle Fox Creek (04/14)
Highland Co.
Bullpasture River (04/14)
Madison Co.
Hughes River (04/12)
Rose River (04/12)
Montgomery Co.
Craig Creek (04/14)
Pandapas Pond (04/11)
Nelson Co.
Tye River (04/13)
Patrick Co.
Ararat River (04/14)
Clarks Creek (04/14)
Dan River (Above Talbott) (04/13)
Dan River (Below Powerhouse) (04/12)
Round Meadow Creek (04/13)
Pulaski Co.
Peak Creek (04/15)
Roanoke Co.
Glade Creek (04/15)
Tinker Creek (04/15)
Rockbridge Co.
Maury River (04/13)
Mill Creek (04/13)
South River (04/15)
Rockingham Co.
South River (Grottes) (04/12)
Russell Co.
Big Cedar Creek (04/11)
Scott Co.
Big Stony Creek (04/12)
Little Stony Creek (04/12)
Straight Fork (Lower) (04/12)
Shenandoah Co.
Tomahawk Pond (04/12)
Tazewell Co.
Little Tumbling Creek (04/11)
Warren Co.
Happy Creek (04/15) Closed until after the Kid’s Day event on Saturday, April 16.
Washington Co.
Big Tumbling Creek (04/11)
Valley Creek (04/15)
Whitetop Laurel (Lower) (04/15)
Whitetop Laurel (Upper) (04/15
Wythe Co.
Cripple Creek (Ravens) (04/15)
Rural Retreat Lake Pond (04/11)