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Going for Brookies, Why Go Through the Trouble?

Brook Trout Closeup
Brook Trout, Secret Spot in the Poconos, Pennsylvania

Where I live, I can leave the house and be fly fishing for brook trout in as little as two hours. For me, this takes some planning. Sometimes I get the pack loaded and the gear sorted the night before, but even when I think everything is ready I’m still running around grabbing this and that when I should be leaving. As I am not one to plan anything unless forced to, it’s amazing that I ever get out there. It goes against my natural tendency to wing it. For brook trout fishing, though, I do it.

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Bloodknot Magazine Interview with April Vokey

I’ve seen this on three blogs already this morning so it must be worth re-posting here. Bloodknot magazine has an interview with April Vokey, steelhead fisher-woman extraordinaire (steelhead have to be the anti-small stream brook trout).

I’m not sure what to think of this interview. I think it’s time to give the whole “you’re sexy and what about that?” thing a rest. This woman catches a lot of huge fish and makes a living doing this. Obviously she is credible and accomplished. Shouldn’t that be enough?